Creativity and Innovation in Hong Kong

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From Oct. 14th to Oct. 19th I’ll be in Hong Kong to deliver two 2-Day-Creativity & Innovation Courses.

The goal of this very practical thinking seminar is to boost business operational and strategic creativity.

The content :

- Difference between “creativity” and “innovation”

- How to thing “out-of-the-box” ?

- Disruptive thinking for managers

- Creativity techniques for idea-generation

- How to identify and develop creative ideas

- How to build a C.B.R. a creative business recommendation

The course is designed for executives and managers and is illustrated by a lot of inspiring examples and exercises.

P.S.: I’m a creativity consultant and facilitator based in Barcelona (Spain). Founder of YELLOW IDEAS I deliver training course and creativity sessions on the five continents in English, French, Dutch and Spanish.

You can contact me at EAST HOTEL, Taikoo Shing Road, Island East, Tel.:  + 852 3968 3968

Mark Raison.

Creativity consultant in Ho Chi Min City

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From July 2nd to 7th 2012 I’ll deliver a 6-Evening Creativity Course in Ho Chi Min City: the Yellow Ideas “Creativity & Idea-Generation Course”.

The purpose is to develop the creativity skills of marketing managers attending the “Master in Marketing & Advertising Program” at the Ho Chi Min City Open University-Solvay Business School.

This will be my first creative experience as creativity consultant in Vietnam.

Creativity Consultant in New York

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I’m in New York until next Friday. As an international  creativity consultant and facilitator, I’ll deliver two 2-Day Creativity & Innovation Courses.

Goal ? Learning to identify thinking patterns and how to break them!

Public ? Managers (marketing, sales, supply chain, hr, …)

What’s great about the course ?

- Very practical and energetic.

- Unique creativity techniques for managers.

- Incredible inspiring examples

New Apple Stores in Hong Kong and Shanghai

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This Saturday, the first Hong Kong APPLE STORE will open! Located at Central, between the IFC Building and the Star Ferry Terminals, the two-storey store will count more than 300 sales persons and advisers to serve and help APPEL fans and curious people.

P.S.: On Saturday 24th Oct., the 3rd Shanghai APPLE STORE will open. It should be the biggest APPEL STORE in the world.




Picture taken last Wednesday in Hong Kong.

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In the metro (MTR) of Honk Kong you can find a lot of things sold in

This give me the idea of a mental fluidité exercice. Imagine, as much as possible, items (and services!) that could be sold in vending machines in your city. In France some bakeries sell the famous French baguettes in such machines. So what else ?

Picture taken in Tai Koo Station on Wednesday

Creativity in Hong Kong: it’s a matter of … sugar!

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SUGAR, the EAST HOTEL roof deck is a great place to have a creative conversation with friends or colleagues: located at the 32nd floor, this terrace offers an inspiring view on the bay, good music, comfortable seats and cool atmosphere. I appreciate particularly the simplicity in design.

Everything’s there – at the 32nd floor – for inspiration. Probably one of the best creative after-work places in Hong Kong.

Picture taken yesterday at SUGAR/EAST HOTEL at 7:30 pm.

Creativity in Asia

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Next Thursday – Sept. 8th -,  I leave Barcelona, where I live,  for a three weeks Asia Creativity Tour.

As the last years, I will deliver two-day Creativity & Innovation Seminars in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

I will be back on Oct. 2. Sure I will bring back the incredible energy and enthusiasm typical for the Far East.

Your Yellow Idea-Notebook

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Get a YELLOW IDEA-NOTEBOOK from Yellow Ideas this summer. For free !

It’s the best place to write and develop your yellow ideas and projects.

P.S.: What’s a “yellow idea” ? It’s an impossible idea … that you will one day make happen one.

A red idea is a real breakthrough, a green idea is an improvement and a blue idea is a very simple to implement.

To receive your YELLOW IDEA-NOTEBOOK, write us at

We wish you an insightful summer!

Today customers are oxymorons

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Today customers are difficult to understand.  Some oxymorons could perhaps lead us to a better understanding …

Are today customers …

-          Chaotic planners

-          Spending savers

-          Friendly enemies

-          Monomaniac multitaskers

-          Local world citizens

-          Rich poor’s

-          Passionate ignorant

-          Inconsistent fanatics

-          Serious players

-          Baby adults

-          Street luxury addicts?


“Enchantment” by Guy Kawasaki

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The new book of Guy Kawasaki is there ! « Enchantment. The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions ».

This book could be seen as a practical guide for those who want to enchant in our world of social networks. The past “Chief Evangelist” of APPEL makes an exciting summary of do & don’t in todays society.

This is a great book for people who makes – or dream to – great things. Guy Kawasaki gives very concrete advices and examples on crucial issues:

How to prepare?
How to launch a great idea?
How to overcome blocks and resistances?
How to create “enchantment”?
How to make it last?

So probably you’re asking yourselve « what does Kawasaki mean by enchantment ?». It’s the process that enchants people by a service, a product, an organization or an idea.

Some personal examples?

My I-Pad offers me a daily enchantment.

I’ve seen the Gran Canyon for the first time thirty years ago; it’s still an enchantment in my life.

The Chateau’Form are old French castels and farms transformed into training and convention centers. Every time I facilitate a meeting or training I’m enchanted by the beauty, tha calm and the uniqueness of the place.

For Guy Kawasaki, enchantment is a skill, people, teams and organization can learn and cultivate. At the end it’s what makes the real difference.

I wish you an enchanting week!

KAWASAKI Guy, Enchantment, Portfolio/Penguin Books, 2011, ISBN 978-1-59184-379-5.